Security is one of the most important pieces in the marijuana industry puzzle. We design, install, monitor, and manage high tech cannabis security systems for the legal cannabis industry that go beyond compliance. With our tech, you will always know what is happening at your business. Our security systems offer wireless connections, monitored alarms, alert notifications, 2-way voice, crash and smash protection and mobile app management.

Cannabis businesses have unique security requirements. For example, Oregon OMMP and Washington Initiative 502 rules demand high quality video monitoring systems, servers and alarm systems; Colorado MMED requirements are different. If, during inspection, your medical MJ or recreational MJ facility isn’t up to code, you may risk not receiving, or losing, a license. Moreover, the security risks in the cannabis industry are also unique, as internal theft is more prevalent.  

We have the security technology and knowledge to keep your investment safe, and ensure your security system is compliant to its given state’s licensing requirements and regulations. 

Key Benefits:
  • We have interactive phone and tablet apps 
  • Use cannabis security technology from Brivo, Exacq and
  • Web based Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Easy to use access control systems
  • Easily secure high value product cages
  • Integrate your video system with your alarm system
  • IP Video Servers
  • Use dome cameras, fixed lens cameras, pan/tilt lens cameras outdoor/night view cameras
  • Use infrared cameras that can “see in the dark”
  • Always know who is in your facility
  • Watch your employees handle product and cash in real time
  • Keep better track of inventory

See what makes CannaGuard different than other security companies!  We’ll help you become state compliant and help you run your MJ business more securely.  With our cannabis security technology you will also have the ability to easily add security features as you grow.