Security Consulting

The Nation’s Premier Security Partner, 100% Dedicated to Cannabis.

You’re building a cannabis business, and CannaGuard knows cannabis security. CannaGuard has worked in highly-regulated and merit-based states across the country, and knows what it takes to be compliant and secure in them all.

We take on the burden of learning your state’s security and compliance laws so you don’t have to, freeing you up to think about the bigger picture. Whether you have already decided to start a cannabis business, or are just exploring the landscape, you can rely on CannaGuard to guide you through your state’s cannabis security regulations, and achieve security compliance in your state.

We Help With Your Application.

Your state requires a security plan to get a license. We know all about what you need, because knowing compliant security regulations in each state nationwide is our business. Let us help you create a winning application that will succeed in a merit-based state.

Once you are awarded your license, CannaGuard helps make your concepts a reality. CannaGuard offers security consulting where we work with you and your local security company of choice to ensure compliance with your state’s newly formed cannabis rules and regulations, or as your security partner, undertaking the process from start to finish of the project. This includes sourcing the equipment, configuration, installation, and post-install training and ongoing support as your business continues to grow. With four years of unmatched experience in the cannabis industry, CannaGuard has seen it all. Trust us to guide you through the process of applying for your license, and beyond.

We offer a no obligation, 30-minute consultation over the phone. Call us at 844.226.6248 to discuss your cannabis security needs, or email us at

Cannabis Security Consulting

CannaGuard develops a consulting plan that ensures compliance.

This can include:
  • Review of security system design
  • Discussion of physical usability of system in the space with your local security company
  • Contact with the security company during installation.
  • Review of equipment list and pieces to ensure physical component requirements are met
  • Testing post-install and pre-inspection to ensure all is in order – just like an inspector would

We also offer quarterly proactive re-inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.

Key Benefits:
  • We ensure you’re 100% compliant before you open
  • We work with the best cannabis security tech in the industry
  • We use a variety of equipment, software and services to suit each customers unique cannabis security needs and budget
  • We are experienced working with cannabis businesses, including large indoor/outdoor grow operations, dispensaries and retail stores from Oregon and Washington to Florida and Illinois
  • We’re constantly looking out for changes in cannabis security rules and state regulations

CannaGuard is dedicated to making sure your cannabis security system surpasses your state’s standards, and that you know what’s going on at your business at all times with video monitoring, mobile apps and access control systems.

Find out how CannaGuard can help with your cannabis business’s security and compliance. Request a no obligation quote today.