Security Consulting

We are Cannabis Security Compliance Specialists!

At CannaGuard we specialize in cannabis security systems. We use the most advanced security technology we can find in video monitoring, mobile apps, access control systems, and software. We cut our teeth on MMJ dispensaries, grows, and retail marijuana stores in the Oregon OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) and Washington I-502 markets, but work with clients all over the country.

Whether consulting on design and security compliance or building out a cannabis security system in a grow, MJ dispensary or retail space, CannaGuard is here to support businesses and individuals in the legal cannabis industry. We work hand in hand with clients (and their security companies around the country) to ensure our clients are compliant and pass their first inspection in every state. With over 100 completed installs, we have a 100% first inspection approval rate.

Our goal is to provide the most secure, robust and easy to use security systems to clients, putting control at the cannabis business owner’s fingertips.  So why risk it? Trust the professionals.

What does the process look like?

If you have been awarded a license in a state that is newly legal (medical MJ or recreational), we can work with you – either undertaking the process start to finish including sourcing the equipment, configuration, installation, and post install training and ongoing support, or we work with you and your local security company of choice to ensure compliance with your state’s newly formed cannabis rules and regulations.

We start with an introductory phone call with you, the licensee, to assess needs. We then go forward with the work, if requested, or have the a second call with you and your local security company of choice to assess cannabis security skills, knowledge, and competence.

CannaGuard develops a consulting plan that ensures compliance. This can include:

  • Review of security system design
  • Discussion of physical usability of system in the space with your local security company
  • Contact with the security company during installation.
  • Review of equipment list and pieces to ensure physical component requirements are met
  • Testing post-install and pre-inspection to ensure all is in order – just like an inspector would

We also offer quarterly proactive re-inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.

Key Benefits:
  • We ensure you’re 100% compliant before you open
  • We work with the best cannabis security tech in the industry
  • We use a variety of equipment, software and services to suit each customers unique cannabis security needs and budget
  • We are experienced working with cannabis businesses, including large indoor/outdoor grow operations, dispensaries and retail stores from Oregon and Washington to Florida and Illinois
  • We’re constantly looking out for changes in cannabis security rules and state regulations

We want to make sure your cannabis security system surpasses state standards.  We also believe you should know what’s going on at your business at all times with video monitoring, mobile apps and access control systems.

Discover the CannaGuard Security difference!  Request a no obligation quote today!