Why CannaGuard

CannaGuard services the legal cannabis industry by providing overly compliant security systems for the licensed growers and retailers in the Medical and Recreational/Adult Use markets.

The CannaGuard Difference

As a company that has had over 2500 conversations with applicants and licensees, the CannaGuard team has seen and heard it all. We operate around the country, but exist in the highly regulated markets of Oregon and Washington where, unlike some of the earlier markets, prior to issuance of license an inspector has to do a top-to-bottom inspection of the facility.  Of the more than 250 installations we’ve completed, all of them were gone over with a regulator’s fine-tooth comb.

Basically, the technology we use is ready to be picked apart.

Moreover, CannaGuard has developed proprietary design tools wherein we can create a fully compliant design and spec almost on site.




canna cubeCompliance is what CannaGuard lives for. Our mission is to help facilitate the relationship between licensee and regulator, ensuring only the highest compliance standards are met. It’s why we created the CannaCube.

For the highly regulated states of Washington, and now Oregon, where prior to issuing licenses and inspector does a full site walk-through and security audit (and comes back a minimum of every two months to reinspect), CannaGuard created the CannaCube.

The CannaCube is meant to be seen under any conditions by the cameras in a grow or dispensary. In states where inspections aren’t relevant, it might not be needed…but it does make a big difference.


Our Founder

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Noah Stokes, Founder of CannaGuard Security, the Nations’ Premier Cannabis Security Company. He created the CannaCube because he takes compliance, and the cannabis industry, very seriously.

Representing CannaGuard as a speaker at cannabis conferences around the country (from CannaCon to the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, Seattle to Chicago), to helping found the Cannabis Collaborative Conference, Noah works with the cannabis industry in teaching potential and current licensees what they need to know. He also works with lawmakers and regulators on what they have actually written, helping them understand what they are requiring of people and what companies actually have to do to be in compliance of those laws.

Noah is a member of the Oregon Cannabis PAC and has worked hand in hand with the OLCC in the crafting of the rules and regulations for recreational MJ in Oregon.  He is also very active in the fight for normal access to banking for the cannabis industry. He has addressed politicians in DC on multiple occasions, been asked to join senators and representatives press conferences, and testified to joint committees on MJ regulation because of his tireless work in driving the industry forward.